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The Wine Compatibility Layer on Linux Mint

RT Cunningham | September 20, 2020 (UTC) | Linux

wineInstalling Wine on Linux Mint is easy if you use a snap package. It’s not so easy if you install it from the repository. Wine is a backronym for “Wine Is Not an Emulator”, just like PHP is a backronym for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor”.

I once wrote an entire article on how to install Irfanview on Wine on Linux Mint because there wasn’t a Linux version. That article is no longer necessary.

Irfanview at the Snap Store

Although installing snap packages isn’t difficult, I always hesitate to add software packages from outside the standard repository. Using the repository means I can uninstall most software packages cleanly, something I’m unsure of with other sources.

After I installed the VICE emulator for Commodore computers yesterday, I decided to see how easy or hard it would be to install Irfanview with a snap package. I don’t use Irfanview for anything anymore. It was just curiosity getting the best of me.

I didn’t have to install Wine separately. The Wine snap packages necessary to run Irfanview installed along with the Irfanview snap package automatically. I only know that because I installed the Snap Store snap as well. If I don’t want Irfanview, I only have to remove that snap and I can leave the Wine snaps in place.

The Alternative to Wine is Windows 10

Using Wine makes using certain Windows applications easier. After scouring the Snap Store, I can honestly say I didn’t find a Windows application I needed. I can dual boot my Windows drive, or I can use my VirtualBox Windows virtual machine for anything I think I might need in the future.

Some people use Linux to get into a corrupted Windows installation, to fix things. I do the reverse, I use Windows to get into Linux when I do something stupid enough to corrupt it. That, and for testing certain cross-platform applications, is practically the only reason I keep it around.

There are plenty of snaps in the Snap store that have nothing to do with Wine or Windows. I think I’ll spend some time examining those I can’t find as Flatpak packages. So far, I’ve only found one.

Photo Attribution: Wolfgang Claussen from Pixabay

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