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What Weight Loss Options Are Available?

RT Cunningham | February 6, 2021 (UTC) | Health

weight loss optionsIt’s a rhetorical question. I know what my weight loss options are, and I’m not happy about them. At my age and with my existing conditions, my options are fewer than I would like. I don’t have enough fat on my body to warrant liposuction or gastric restrictive surgery. Even if I did, I don’t think surgery would be the best answer.

Calorie Restriction

If I’m not mistaken, the Weight Watchers diet originally centered on calorie restriction and counting calories. At least that’s how my oldest sister described it back in the early seventies. She tried that diet along with many others, mostly fad diets. She even had gastric restrictive surgery (stomach stapling) at one time. Nothing kept her from suffering from extreme obesity. She passed away at the age of 70 while being treated for diabetes.

Counting calories has to be the hardest way to make sure you don’t eat more food than you need. Many low-calorie foods aren’t any better than the high-calorie foods because of the amount of simple or complex carbohydrates they contain.

Fasting and Intermittent Fasting

I’ve done both in the past. I do intermittent fasting without thinking about it most of the time. That’s because I only eat twice a day and those meals are usually less than eight hours apart. I like eating my dinner early, before 3 pm, and treating it as the last meal of my day. There are times when I’ll eat a snack, like a banana or something, later in the day, but not very often.

Based on the studies I’ve read about, fasting every other day is more effective than calorie restriction every day. Based on what I’ve been told by people who’ve gone on extended fasts, fasting can even reverse one type of diabetes. I followed the blog of one guy from 430 pounds to under 250, who no longer has to follow a diabetes-restrictive diet.

Ketogenic and Low Carbohydrate Diets

Keto diets are hard to follow for a lot of people. Cutting out the foods that contain the most carbs can end up being much more expensive over time. A keto diet can work well if you can follow it consistently. Most people can’t, for one reason or another.

I’ve tried to go keto in the past, but it was impossible to be consistent. There are staples in my diet I can’t give up completely, like rice. All I can do is limit the high-carb foods as much as possible. I now avoid rice, white potatoes, pasta and bread when I can get by without them.

High Intensity Exercise

High intensity exercise, whether it’s aerobic or not, is the best thing for weight loss and fat loss at the same time. Unfortunately, there are more people who can’t than those who can. I stayed relatively thin for the entire 20 years I was in the military because of regular exercise, which included running three times a week. My weight limit was 192 pounds and I never reached 190, even while training with weights.

42 years later and I can’t seem to keep the weight off no matter what I do.

My Best Weight Loss Options

I have an old injury to my left knee that causes my lower left leg to swell, and I can’t jog on it for long enough to make a difference. So, I walk as often as possible. Sometimes it isn’t possible because it rains a lot where I’m living in Hawaii (a temporary residence). I’ll be able to walk farther and more often when I return to the Philippines, where it’s sunny at least eight months out of the year.

As I mentioned, I’m fasting intermittently without even trying. I try to maintain good habits when they’re beneficial. My food intake is lower overall as well. Once I got used to eating less, eating more than that became painful. I also eat more catabolic foods as well as foods that are naturally lower in calories.

The highest I’ve ever weighed was 250 pounds and that was in 2018. My wife, Josie, and I were staying with our older son, Joe, in Florida. He loved to eat out, and he always wanted us to eat out with him and his family. He would get upset if we refused, so we didn’t refuse often. Josie gained weight there as well. When we moved in with our young son, Jon, here in Hawaii, we started cutting back as much as possible.

Jon also likes to eat out, but not as much as his wife, Cathy. Anyway… I’m currently bouncing up and down between 230 and 240 pounds. The Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, and all the leftovers, didn’t help me in any way. I’m back on track to losing some of that leftover fat and hopefully, I’ll soon make a larger dent in my profile.

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