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Travel - Niche Market #27

RT Cunningham | February 7, 2021 (UTC) | Blogging

every placeIf there’s one niche I know very little about, it’s travel. That’s because I hate to travel. Well, at least by the current methods of transportation available. I suppose that will change when more bullet trains and Hyperloops become available.

The Travel Niche Market

This major category includes the following subcategories. This niche market includes destinations and activities as well as methods of travel.

Travel Is Never Fun

Travel is just a means of getting to a destination. The method of transportation will determine how long it takes. I have traveled in private vehicles, such as cars and trucks, and commercial vehicles like planes, trains and buses. I have even traveled in helicopters and on Navy ships. The quicker I can get from point A to point B makes things just a bit more bearable. I’ve rarely enjoyed speedy trips.

In the Philippines, there is no such thing as a speedy trip. Even in Olongapo, where I live, it can take 30 minutes to travel five miles, and that’s in my own car. The only exceptions are at night when traffic finally dies down.

I suppose I would probably enjoy two specific methods of transportation if they were available to me. Riding in a balloon or the gondola of an airship. That is, if I believed they were completely safe to ride in.

Photo Attribution: Manfred Guttenberger from Pixabay

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