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Toilet Paper for Wiping or Water for Washing?

RT Cunningham | July 26, 2020 (UTC) | Health

toilet paperMany toilet paper companies will go out-of-the-way to avoid using the term “toilet paper” on packaging, like it’s something objectionable to the average person.

Toilet paper has, in fact, been used in one form or another for centuries for personal hygiene. While its use isn’t limited to the bathroom (lavatory, water closet, whatever), it’s what most westerners associate with it.

Other than its most common use, toilet paper is also used in place of the tissue paper used for things like runny noses.

Using Water for Washing instead of Toilet Paper for Wiping

I consider myself fortunate. Although my first trip to the Philippines was in 1983, my wife introduced me to using water for washing my bottom after we married. Even then, I still used toilet paper most of the time. It wasn’t until after I moved to the Philippines that I started using water to wash my bottom more often.

Water sprayers (also called diaper sprayers) were attached to the toilets when our house was built, which were much easier to use than a tabo (a Tagalog word for a container used to hold the water for washing). I’ve heard Filipinos call the water sprayers “bidets” but they’re not the same thing. They have to be held with one hand while holding your bottom with another (you know, to get in deep).

It takes time to get used to using water, no matter how you use it. Unless you have a towel handy, your bottom will feel wet until the last drop of water has dried up. I’m used to that feeling of wetness. It’s temporary, even if you’re one of those people who won’t wear underwear.

I feel cleaner when I use water than when I use toilet paper. It may just be a mental thing because no matter which method you use, you can’t be sure you’re completely clean when you’re done. I haven’t met a person who can verify their cleanliness without bathing.

Good Reasons to Avoid Toilet Paper

If you have hemorrhoids, you already know how difficult it is to use toilet paper. If you have any kind of condition affecting your anus, washing it with water is the least painful way to keep it clean.

Some toilets are now built with sprayers, kind of like a bidet. Of course, some people have a toilet and a bidet. Anyway, you can find different types of toilets at most home supply stores (like Home Depot or Lowe’s Home Improvement).

Toilet paper costs a lot more than water, unless we’re talking about bottled water. My Filipino relatives (who live in the Philippines) simply can’t afford to behave like westerners when it comes to using the toilet. Even though I can afford it, I still wash myself.

If you must use toilet paper when doing your thing in the bathroom, be ready and bring your own. Especially when you’re in unfamiliar territory because it isn’t used everywhere. Even in western countries like the United States, you could find the toilet paper dispenser empty.

A Note on Word Usage

If you haven’t noticed, I avoided using certain words while writing this article. It took me years to break myself of certain habits. Using expletives and other repugnant words was one of them. I think most people can have decent conversations without resorting to those words.

Photo Attribution: Anna from Pixabay
Edited and updated. Originally published at one of my other websites in March 2014.

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