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Taboo Topics When Writing Anywhere

taboo-topicsSome people have to learn the hard way about taboo topics when writing on just about any platform. There are a few exceptions, of course. Taboo topics aren’t taboo when a website specifically targets those topics. For everywhere else, you’re asking for trouble if you attempt to tackle things that will provoke arguments.

What Are These Taboo Topics?

I ran a bulletin board system (BBS) from 1992 to 1998. I retired from the military in 1998. Shortly after starting it up, I quickly learned of two topics that I had to ban from the message boards: Politics and religion. Nothing started arguments quicker back then. Politics involved liberalism and conservatism and everything in between. Religion was even more involved. Different gods and different religions and religions without gods at all.

Today, it’s even worse. Along with politics and religion, we can’t write about racism or sexual identity. We can be called racists just for mentioning racism. We can be called misogynists for simply mentioning biology.

I’m Not Afraid of Taboo Topics

I have very thick skin. Even if something bothers me, all I have to do is walk away until it doesn’t. I don’t like discussing politics but when I do, I usually have a specific axe to grind. Although I read the Christian bible, I don’t consider myself a Christian.

I understand bigotry, but I don’t understand racism. Fortunately, I’ve been surrounded by multiple races all my life, regardless of where I’ve lived. The sexual identity thing is something I can’t get my head wrapped around. Unless a person is born a hermaphrodite, biology alone dictates whether a person is male or female.

Feel free to argue with me about any of these topics, but try not to get emotional about them. When I write about them, I’m only offering my opinions because I’m not an authority on any of them. I will always refrain from offering my opinions on these topics unless I feel extremely inspired to do so. There’s almost always something else to write about.

Photo Attribution: Prettysleepy from Pixabay

Author: RT Cunningham
Date: February 11, 2021 (UTC)
Categories: Blogging, Culture, Religion

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