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Spilling Coffee Around Paperwork or Computer Keyboards

spilling coffeeSpilling coffee in itself is an awful waste of coffee. It’s almost sacrilegious. Spilling it on important paperwork or computer keyboards is even worse. I’ve spilled it on paperwork, before computers became commonplace, but I’ve never spilled it on a computer keyboard. I’ve spilled blood, quite literally, on at least one computer keyboard.

Hopefully, it’ll never happen again.

Spilling Coffee on a Computer Desk

If you do an image search with Google (Google Images) for “coffee desk”, you will invariably see photos of coffee cups beside computer keyboards or in front of them. The setup is obviously staged. Any long term coffee drinker will tell you those aren’t the best places to set your cups. As I sit here typing this, I have a whiskey glass sitting on my computer desk, but it’s behind the laptop monitor.

I have an old computer desk in my bedroom in the Philippines. It’s designed for regular desktop computers, but I used it for my laptop computers for years because I didn’t have anything else. Although I spilled coffee on it, the coffee never came close to the keyboard. Something far worse affected my previous desktop computer keyboard.

Spilling Blood on a Computer Keyboard

I will never buy another computer desk with a pullout keyboard tray. I intend to replace the computer desk sitting in the master bedroom of my house in Olongapo as soon as I can afford one designed for laptop computers. Before I switched from using a desktop computer to using a laptop computer, I ruined the wireless keyboard my wife, Josie, had given me for my birthday.

The part where the keyboard slides has a sharp corner. I caught a finger on that corner and before I realized what had happened, I had already dripped a lot of blood on the keyboard, ruining it forever. Wireless keyboards were expensive at the time even though the regular, wired keyboards were dirt cheap, costing less than $10 each.

Other People

Some people are clumsier than others. In that regard, I’m well above average (or below average, depending on your perspective). When I was in the military, clumsy people around me spilled coffee and soda on paperwork that couldn’t be replaced. My paperwork. Later, when we started using computers, clumsy people spilled coffee and soda on keyboards. My keyboards.

Avoiding spills is perhaps the most important reason I always put drinks behind my computers instead of beside or in front of them. Although I’m not good at remembering things, there are some things I’m very sure about. I’ve never spilled coffee or anything else on any laptop computer I’ve owned and I seriously doubt I ever will. I can’t stop clumsy people, obviously, and I’m pretty sure my next accident will be caused by someone else.

Photo Attribution: Steve Buissinne from Pixabay
Edited and updated. Originally published at one of my other websites in January 2016.

Author: RT Cunningham
Date: October 12, 2020 (UTC)
Categories: Computers, Food and Drink
Tags: coffee

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