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Skype Is a Cell Phone Plan Alternative for People With Wi-Fi

RT Cunningham | March 26, 2021 (UTC) | Phones

Skype cell phone planUsing Skype as a cell phone plan may seem like a crazy idea, but hear me out. How often do you use your data when you’re away from home? Do you even use data? When you get a cell phone plan from a traditional provider, you pay for a phone, a phone line and some amount of data. The cost of your plan can be well over $100 for you alone.

Using Skype in the United States With a Phone Number

I just checked this yesterday. The cost for a phone line from Skype is $6.50 a month. It’s obviously going to be a little cheaper if you go for multiple months. The cost for calling cell phones or landlines anywhere in the United States, Guam and Puerto Rico is $2.99 a month. With both options, your total cost would be $9.49 a month, including tax.

I installed Skype on my cell phone yesterday, after not using it for more than three years for anything. I was in the Philippines when I was using it, but I stopped using it for United States calls in 2016. The prices are a little higher than they were in 2016, but not enough to matter. The prices actually went down when Microsoft bought the service.

My younger son, Jon, is spending more than $250 per month with Verizon, for the cost of two new phones and the numbers and unlimited data for three lines. My line alone costs him over $50, which I’m going to relieve him of when my wife, Josie, and I depart from his home permanently.

Using Skype in the Philippines as Well as the United States

The Philippines isn’t allowing foreigners back into the Philippines at the moment. When they do, sometime in April 2021, Josie and I will have to get tested for COVID-19 and be quarantined in a hotel (that we have to pay for) for up to seven days before we can go to our home. More than likely, we’ll be spending the next few months with my older son, Joe, and his family in Maryland. We’ll eventually land in the Philippines, but I don’t know when.

Josie and I never use data on our phones when we’re out and about. The Skype cell phone plan would work as well in the Philippines as it would in the United States. We never call anyone or receive calls from anyone in the Philippines, even when we’re there. I’m planning to use the Skype cell phone plan in Maryland as well. We don’t need expensive cell phone plans because our phones are already paid for.

We’re going to start with one number on one phone and share it as necessary. Even if we have to get separate numbers, our costs will still be under $20. What other provider can take care of both directions for these price points?

Both of my children have home internet connections and use Wi-Fi for all kinds of things, including their cell phones when they’re at home. All Josie and I are going to do is use their Wi-Fi. We have a fiber internet connection in place at our home in the Philippines (for about $50 a month), which we’ll be using for our phones when we finally get there.

Photo Attribution: Simon at Pixabay

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