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I Like Eating Seafood Without Having to Catch It First

RT Cunningham | June 6, 2021 (UTC) | Food and Drink, Recreation

seafoodI like eating seafood, and I’m talking about most kinds of seafood. As I’ve written before, I’m uninterested in fishing. I only like eating the results. I know how to catch fish, somewhat, but it’s not something I want to spend my leisure time doing.

Although I don’t like all kinds of seafood, there are only a few kinds I won’t eat. I don’t like crab meat and can barely tolerate lobster meat. I don’t care for oysters, but I like clams and mussels. Shrimp is tasty and squid is almost tasteless.

Inexpensive Seafood

Is there such a thing as inexpensive seafood? Well, canned and frozen seafood tends to be less expensive than fresh seafood, regardless of where it comes from. And fresh seafood isn’t as fresh as it should be unless you live near the coast or on a small island. If it smells fishy, it isn’t fresh enough.

Seafood at restaurants is overpriced. Even when it’s sold fresh at places like Seafood City, it’s still overpriced. When my wife, Josie, and I were living in Hawaii (longer than expected due to the pandemic), we sometimes bought fresh seafood from the Seafood City location in Waipahu.

If I just want to eat fish, and I’m not particular about it, I’ll buy Gorton’s fish fillets. If I’m near a military commissary, that’s where I’ll get them. Otherwise, they’re usually available in any decent-sized supermarket. Dipped or topped with tarter sauce, they’re delicious.

All kinds of fish are sold, even as street food, in the Philippines. It’s not as expensive as buying it in a market, but more expensive than catching it ourselves. About that…

Proper Fishing Techniques

I’m willing to learn to fish properly if it means I can save money on fish. I wasn’t taught how to fish properly when I was young. My father’s family (and my father, of course) just expected the children to pick it up through observation. I’m absolutely positive I could catch a lot of fish if I learned to do it the right way.

The only form of fishing I’ve ever engaged in is called angling. I’m clueless about any other form. I think the biggest reason for that is because I haven’t been around anyone else engaged in any other form (other than net) since I was younger than 17 years of age. Even though I want to learn to fish properly, I may be too old and too difficult with others to do so. I’ll have to wait until I can finally return to the Philippines to find out.

Photo Attribution: cattalin from Pixabay

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