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Buying a Raspberry Pi 400 Computer Kit and Some Things to Go With It

RT Cunningham | July 13, 2021 (UTC) | Computers

raspberry pi 400 computer kitI initially wrote about the Raspberry Pi 400 computer back in November, before the first one was even available to consumers. The only information I had available at the time were the pre-order reviews and what was on the website itself. Armed with up-to-date information, I’m getting ready to buy a single kit, to ship ahead of me to the Philippines.

The Raspberry Pi 400 Computer Kit

I plan on buying one from CanaKit sometime between now and the beginning of the beginning of September. I’ll be shipping two or three balikbayan boxes to the Philippines in October, and I’ll be stashing the kit in one of them. The kit alone is not enough. I need to buy some other items, so I can use it once I get there.

Since I don’t fancy myself waiting on a slow SD card or micro SD card, I’m buying an external drive enclosure. I don’t know if I’ll use an HDD or SSD, so it’s going to include its own power supply. I have two old monitors in storage in the Philippines, as well as an old APC UPS. My Amazon shopping cart contains an HDMI to VGA adaptor, a universal power strip and the aforementioned external drive enclosure.

The power strip has two prongs instead of three, so it’ll fit into any outlet in my house and probably directly into the uninterruptible power supply (which is designed for three prongs). I had one of my sisters-in-law show me the outlets and ports over the phone (Messenger, to be specific), so I shouldn’t have any issues with anything.

One Instead of Two

If everything works out, I’ll buy another Raspberry Pi 400 computer kit the next time I’m in the United States. The kit runs $100 plus about $16 for shipping in the United States. I found it for sale in the Philippines, but it runs around $156 at the current foreign currency exchange rate. The other items are more expensive as well.

The longer I stay in the Philippines, the next time I’m there, the more likely the kit will be upgraded. That’s another reason I only want to buy one. And then, I don’t know when that period is going to start. As I mentioned in my previous post, it’s difficult and expensive to go home until the pandemic restrictions are lifted.

I probably won’t mention the computer kit again until I have it set up in the Philippines. That is, if I ever get there.

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