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Nostalgia for Old Movies and Television Series

RT Cunningham | February 8, 2021 (UTC) | Entertainment

technology and gadgetsThere are times when I get bit by the nostalgia bug and I want to watch the old movies I vaguely remember from when I was young. Sometimes, not as often, it’s the TV series I’m interested in.

No Nostalgia for the Reruns

In the seventies, before cable television gave us more channels than we could possibly watch, we were limited to four broadcast networks in most areas: ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS. There were a few independent stations that didn’t carry those networks. The reruns usually aired before the network prime-time hours on the affiliates and at any given hour on the independent stations.

These are a few rerun series I was inundated with throughout my teenage years, that I can remember:

I’m sure there were others, but I don’t remember them. If I see the titles in print or someone mentions them to me, then I’ll remember them.

Old Movies and TV Series on Streaming Video Services

There isn’t a shortage of old movies or TV series on streaming video services. There isn’t one service that carries them all and there are many that aren’t carrying any of them. I’m currently watching an episode or two of “Angel” on Amazon Prime every night, while waiting to get sleepy enough to turn it off. I watched the first three seasons of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” before that.

Every once in a while, I’ll spot an ancient series on Netflix (from the fifties or sixties) and watch a couple of episodes before snuffing out the nostalgia bug. It’s the same thing with movies. Some of them are worse than I remember, like “The Amazing Colossal Man”, with awful special effects.

Cable and Broadcast TV

Most people can receive broadcast TV where they live in the United States. Some cannot. If I want to watch broadcast TV where I live today (temporarily), my younger son would have to subscribe to cable. We can’t receive TV broadcast signals at this part of the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Cable TV isn’t worth the expense. We get more than enough to watch on Amazon Prime, Netflix and Disney+.

I don’t know if “TV Land” is a broadcast station or not, but I never watched it when it was available to me. I’ve never seen any of “MeTV” or it’s sister stations. Of course, I spent most of the last 15 years in the Philippines where I can’t get them anyway (and I didn’t miss them at all). I think they only show old TV series - no movies at all.

It would be nice if there was an inexpensive streaming video service dedicated to old movies and series on demand, set up like Netflix. I don’t think it will ever happen.

Photo Attribution: Vidmir Raic from Pixabay

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