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The Music I Listen to in Both the United States and the Philippines

RT Cunningham | September 2, 2020 (UTC) | Entertainment

musicI listen to music on occasion. Sometimes I’ll listen to a lot and sometimes I’ll listen to none. It depends on my mood and what I’m doing. Music is distracting when I need to concentrate on something. When I’m relaxing, whether it’s with liquor or without, I enjoy listening to music more than watching TV or watching a movie.

Music in Both Countries

There isn’t a shortage of music in either the United States or the Philippines. You wouldn’t expect American music to be abundant in the Philippines, but it really is. There’s an old radio station at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone that airs local news and old American music. The closer you get to Manila, the more radio stations you’ll hear playing American music. Much of it’s the same modern music you’ll hear in the United States.

I occasionally listen to Filipino music, even when I don’t understand all the lyrics. Much of it’s modeled after American music. There are even Filipino bands that create American-style music in English. One of my favorites is a 1994 song called “214” from “Rivermaya”.

I’m currently living in Hawaii, but not permanently. There aren’t many good radio stations here but I can listen to a lot more radio stations over the internet. Some of it comes from as far away as Florida. And then there are services like Spotify, Pandora and YouTube Music.

Music Genres

I have such an eclectic collection of music, it’s hard to pin down my favorite genre. If you ask me, I’ll tell you I like mostly eighties rock. It may be what I listen to the most simply because it’s broadcast more than other genres. I can honestly say I won’t listen to any music created before 1960, the year I was born, regardless of the genre.

My relatives in the Philippines, at least any over the age of 30, tend to listen to the same genres I listen to. One, and I won’t mention his name, likes stuff from the sixties and seventies as much as I like stuff from the eighties. The bands all of us tend to listen to include Chicago, Journey, Foreigner, Boston, Bon Jovi, Guns N’ Roses and The Scorpions. Some of their music dates back to the seventies and extends into the nineties.

That’s just a few. If I started creating a list, I’d probably be typing for hours. And it’s not just music blaring out of one boombox or another. We’ll select the same music and genres when anyone decides it’s a karaoke night at our house and compound in Olongapo.

Collecting Music

I’ve been collecting music, in one form or another since the compact disc was invented in 1982. As music formats have evolved, so has my collection. I now save everything as FLAC files and then encode them as 320K MP3 files. CDs and DVDs take up space and degrade, regardless of what people were told back then. I store everything as MP3 files in multiple places.

Some of my audio files are taking up space at cloud storage services such Google Drive and Dropbox. Some of them are on my hard drives. I have music on my cell phone and I have music on an old MP3 player. What I really want is an inexpensive cell phone to be used strictly for music.

Someday I’ll have everything consolidated in one central location. It’s a slow process because I have so much music. That’s one of the reasons I refuse to subscribe to music services. It’s also one of the reasons I can’t keep up with modern music.

Playing Music

I have a JBL wireless headset, a gift from my older son, Joe. I also have Skullcandy wireless earbuds, but I don’t use either one nearly as much as I use the Bluetooth speaker Joe gave his mother (my wife, Josie). This is how I listen to music in the United States.

When I return to the Philippines, who knows when, I’ll be using mostly one of several Bluetooth speakers both indoors and outdoors. The interface to those speakers will either be a cell phone or an MP3 player. As I already said, I want to use an inexpensive cell phone specifically for that purpose. Hopefully, a fast charging model. Regardless, I’m sure I’ll have to wait for our return to the Philippines before buying anything at all.

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