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Movies From the 1930s That I Can Remember

movies from the 1930sAt my age (60+), you have to assume I’ve watched a lot of movies. Back in the 1960s and 1970s, when I was young, I saw most of them on broadcast television. Movies from the 1930s were still being broadcast regularly back then, and I’m sharing a list of those that I can remember seeing at least once.

It’s amazing that I can remember any movies from before I was born, but I can. I plan on writing more posts like this, going through the decades. I’m sure it’ll start to get tedious once I get to the 1980s. When it gets too tedious, I won’t even bother.

I skipped the silent movies from before the 1930s intentionally. The only one I can actually remember the name of is “Metropolis” (1927).

Movies From the 1930s

I usually can’t remember old titles and when I can, I usually can’t tell you when they came out. I have to rely on other services to remind me, like Ranker and Wikipedia. There are some that I’ll never remember. The list I have today is extremely short.

While the actors and actresses who starred in those movies starred in many others as well, I can’t remember any more of them from the 1930s. Cary Grant, for example, was in a lot of movies, but “Topper” is the only one I remember from that decade. There are a lot of movies I saw but didn’t watch. A couple of my older brothers liked things I didn’t really care for.

Can you believe I never watched “Gone with the Wind” from 1939? The only thing I remember about it, from other sources, is the line about not giving a damn.

That Which I Don’t Remember

I remember way less than what I don’t remember. There are characters that spanned multiple movies and serialized movies who I don’t even care to remember, like:

And the actors:

Movies that include all the above aired on broadcast TV at one time or another. They were probably being watched on the single television in our house, but I rarely watched television back then. Two of my older brothers watched TV constantly when they didn’t have anything else that required their attention. Unless I purposely seek them out, I doubt I’ll watch any of them in the future.

Watching TV series is a different story. I watched them when I had nothing else occupying my time. I had a lot of time on my hands back then, and I really didn’t have a choice. The television was always the center of attention in the evenings.

Photo Attribution: Couleur from Pixabay

Author: RT Cunningham
Date: July 24, 2021 (UTC)
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