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Makeup and Beauty - Niche Market #20

RT Cunningham | January 24, 2021 (UTC) | Blogging

makeup and beautyTeenaged girls and women will spend a small fortune, every month, on makeup and beauty items. Most of the time, they don’t even need it. Of course, now with all the strange sexual identity stuff going on, there’s probably a lot of teenaged boys and men spending money on it as well.

The Makeup and Beauty Niche Market

This major category includes the following subcategories. Like some other major categories, some of these subcategories could easily belong with another category.

I Know Nothing

As an old-fashioned man, I don’t know diddly about makeup and beauty and I don’t want to know anything about it. I only know as much as I’ve observed with my sisters, my wife and my in-laws (including nieces). I’ve never grown a mustache or a beard or even grown long hair, but I’m not saying I never wanted to wear a mustache or beard, and I’m not saying I never wanted to grow my hair long.

Because I spent the 20 years of my adult life in the Marine Corps, I wasn’t allowed to grow a beard or wear long hair until after I retired. By the time I retired, I no long had the desire to do anything that required grooming. Today, I wear my hair extremely short, and it’s partly because of my receding hairline.

Photo Attribution: kinkates from Pixabay

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