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Leggings, Yoga Pants and Other Names for Tights

RT Cunningham | August 28, 2020 (UTC) | Shopping

leggingsI wasn’t paying attention when it happened but at some point in the last 10 years or so, leggings became publicly acceptable fashion items. I’ve heard them called yoga pants and tights as well as other things.

Maybe I’m a prude but I’ve never considered myself as such. Leggings seem fine when partly covered but not when they’re fully exposed. Believe it or not, women inappropriately wearing them is why I prefer not to go to places where they tend to wear them a lot. Like Walmart.

Leggings Are Sometimes Inappropriate

If undergarments like panties and thongs show through, the leggings are too thin or the wrong color. I’ve seen girls wearing light-colored leggings over black thongs.

There are some places where fully exposed leggings are inappropriate. One such place is your place of employment. That is, unless you work at an adult-oriented place of employment.

Presenting an unappealing appearance while wearing them is bad form. A stick-figured girl is much easier to look at than a full-figured girl with lumps in various places. Sometimes, especially in public, modesty is the best policy. Like Deadpool’s real face, some things need to stay covered. Always.

Why is it that some women no longer want to wear casual dresses and skirts? If your shape isn’t displayed, it can’t offend anyone. Form-fitting blue jeans are just as bad by the way.

Leggings Can Be Sexy

What you call them isn’t important. I think some women think they’re sexy when they’re wearing them. It’s not up to them, of course. It’s up to the people observing them. And some women are definitely sexy when wearing them.

You don’t believe me? Go to YouTube and do a search for “Jen Selter”. All of her videos are viewed by thousands of people. I saw one video with a couple of million views. She didn’t always look that way and you’ll have to search for some before and after videos to see what I mean.

Photo Attribution: snapdixit at Flickr / public domain
Originally published at one of my other websites in January 2018.

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