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Haus Blend Iced Coffee Is Excellent and It’s Made in the Philippines

RT Cunningham | August 19, 2020 (UTC) | Coffee, Food and Drink

Haus Blend Iced CoffeeWhile my wife, Josie, was out and about with one of her sisters in 2018, she spotted the Haus Blend Café Mocha at a local 7-Eleven store she’d stopped in. She immediately thought of me. She knew I had been going without any form of coffee for about a month at the time.

My blood pressure gets read more often than I care to remember. Coffee causes my blood pressure to spike for about an hour and I needed it to be normal before having it read again. Once I no longer had to worry about it, I decided to enjoy drinking coffee as much as I possibly could.

Haus Blend Iced Coffee

Unless you live in the Philippines, you’ve probably never heard of Haus Blend iced coffee. It’s bottled by the Zest-O Corporation in the Philippines (in Metro Manila).

Neither Josie nor I have seen this coffee brand anywhere other than the 7-Eleven stores in the Philippines but then, we haven’t really been looking. I usually drink Nescafé Classic (hot coffee from instant) when I’m in the Philippines. That brand is packaged in the Philippines as well as many other places in the world. I usually drink Nescafé Clásico when I’m in the United States.

If you want to know why there’s a bunch of 7-Eleven stores in the Philippines, it’s because 7- Eleven is a Japanese-owned American international chain of convenience stores. It’s headquartered in Irving, Texas.

Haus Blend Is Just One of Many Brands

When I go into grocery stores, I seem to home in on coffee drinks. I usually spot at least one brand I’ve never seen before.

There’s a large coffee plantation in the Cavite province. There may be more plantations in other provinces, but this is the only one I know about. It’s the home of some civets and where some expensive civet coffee (called “kape alamid” in that area of the Philippines) comes from.

There’s also a lot of imported coffee brands. I’ve seen most major American brands in the stores, including Folgers, Maxwell House and Yuban. Don’t ask me to name more because I don’t have the list memorized.

It’s Hard to Screw Up Coffee, Cold or Hot

But it can be done. Several years ago, when I was headed to some place in Manila, I stopped at a McDonald’s with my driver, Alex (who’s also a sister-in-law’s husband). We ordered coffee, tried to drink it and then threw it away. It was so old it was burnt.

When the three of us (Josie, Alex and me) went to watch a movie at the Harbor Point mall at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone, I bought a “Black Forest” flavored coffee drink. It wasn’t expensive. Unfortunately, it wasn’t very good. I don’t know what the barista did to screw it up. The only ingredients I recognized were the Nescafé instant coffee and the whipped cream. I couldn’t even come close to finishing it before throwing it away.

Image Attribution: Haus Blend Coffee at Facebook. Originally published at one of my other websites in June 2018.

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