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Green World Coffee Farm, Wahiawa, Oahu, Hawaii

RT Cunningham | February 14, 2021 (UTC) | Coffee, Food and Drink, Locations

Green World Coffee Farm - signI typically avoid tourist spots like the Green World Coffee Farm in Hawaii. I usually frequent places that aren’t designed to lure in tourists. Not only because tourists get charged higher prices, but because I don’t want to be mistaken for one.

The Green World Coffee Farm

The farm is worth at least one visit. You can buy souvenirs, mostly coffee mugs and T-shirts, as well as coffee bean and tea products. Most of the beans are ground, but some aren’t. The only time I entered the building with my family was a couple of weeks ago, on a weekday. We had tried once before on a weekend, but there were too many people, with a line that extended outside the coffee shop.

We bought coffee drinks and coffee mugs. I saw a lot of things that interested me, including a Barmah Hat (an Australian bush hat not necessarily made in Australia), that I simply couldn’t afford. My daughter-in-law, Cathy, has made a few return trips, just for the coffee, which is less expensive than Starbucks. The Green World Coffee Farm is situated between where we live and the city of Wahiawa (or Schofield Barracks in the other forked direction).

This farm itself isn’t very big, but they buy green coffee beans from other farms all over the islands of Hawaii. I just wanted to make sure my family could see, up close, the types of plants and berries that coffee comes from.

Coffee Enthusiasm

I describe myself as a coffee enthusiast, nothing more and nothing less. If I go a day without drinking at least one cup of coffee, in one form or another, it’s not normal. I only drink hot, black coffee when I’m at home or dining at a regular restaurant. If the coffee isn’t bitter, I don’t need a sweetener.

When I order coffee from Starbucks (which is extremely rare) or from a place like Green World Coffee Farm, it’s always iced coffee, usually in the form of a cappuccino (with or without sugar).

If you want to see more pictures of Green World Coffee Farm, check out the Tripadvisor page for it.

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