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Gluten Intolerance and Celiac Disease

bread - glutenI didn’t know that two of my siblings suffered from celiac disease until recently. I didn’t even know they were gluten intolerant. My older sister, Shirley, brought it up while we were discussing burial arrangements for our oldest brother in 2019. Over the phone, of course. She told me that both she and another older brother, David, suffer from the disease.

Celiac Disease Is a Reaction to Gluten

I knew that my older brother, David, had suffered from some kind of thyroid condition for years. Shirley clarified his condition. That’s when I asked if another older sister, Debbie, could have died from it. She said she didn’t know. Shirley told me I could have the disease, but I might not know unless I’m tested for it. I know I don’t suffer from it and I consume all kinds of gluten.

I now have six living siblings. Debbie died in 2014. She was misdiagnosed until she was already on her deathbed. My oldest brother, Mike, died January 2019 of natural causes. From what I gather, if one sibling suffers from a genetically predisposed disease, at least one other will also suffer. I haven’t suffered yet, and I really don’t think I ever will. I suffer from something else, something related to beans and mushrooms.

One of my grandchildren, another Michael, suffered from a form of gluten intolerance when he was younger. This is something I found out from my daughter-in-law, Diann, after we moved in (on vacation). He suffered from eczema (I believe), which diminished greatly when she cut gluten from his diet for a time. I don’t think she still does - he’s already seven, and he likes his donuts, cookies and cakes.

A Keto Diet Excludes Gluten

I honestly don’t believe I’m gluten intolerant in any way. I eat cold cereal for the fiber. The cold cereal I prefer contains either oats or wheat. If I ever attempt a keto diet, I’ll have to think of other things high in fiber. It seems like everything that contains gluten is high in carbohydrates.

So, my theory goes like this: If I cut out all the high carbohydrate food items from my daily diet, I would automatically cut out most, if not all, of the gluten in my daily diet.

Gluten Is Safe for Everyone Else

Diann says gluten is in everything. I think she exaggerates. To me, it seems like high fructose corn syrup and sugar is in everything. I’ve already been trying to cut as much sugar from my diet as I possibly can. Soft drinks have a lot of either sugar or high fructose corn syrup in them. Diet soft drinks probably contain something worse.

Unless I’m avoiding gluten because I’m avoiding carbs, I won’t avoid it at all. Even if I have the gene that causes intolerance, it doesn’t seem to affect me. I like to eat sandwiches on occasion and I like the taste of bread, something gluten intolerant people avoid.

I don’t think I’m intolerant at all. If bread, cakes and donuts don’t bother you, you probably aren’t gluten intolerant either. Don’t avoid the foods you like just because of some buzzword. I won’t. I have plenty of other reasons to avoid some of them. Like beans!

Photo Attribution: BRRT from Pixabay
Edited and updated. Originally published at one of my other websites in February 2019.

Author: RT Cunningham
Date: July 29, 2020 (UTC)
Categories: Health

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