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A Real Gargoyle Isn’t a Monster of Any Kind

GargoyleI find it amazing how people can turn something without any living characteristics at all into something malevolent with nothing but words. Such is the case with the gargoyle. Like every other mythical monster in folklore and entertainment (such as the golem), the truth lacks the horror created by the fiction writers.

A Real Gargoyle is a Water Spout

I’ve never seen a gargoyle, except in pictures and videos. That’s simply because I’ve never lived in areas with old architecture. I’ve seen water spouts as nothing more than water spouts. I appreciate the people who design gargoyles because it means they have imagination. A non-gargoyle water spout is boring.

I suppose a gargoyle is practically useless in places where it doesn’t rain a lot, like most of the desert states. It’s probably also just as useless in places where the rain can’t be kept away from the building because of wind, like in the tropics.

The Mythological Monster

The monster may have originated with a French legend dating back to medieval times. I was introduced to the notion with a 1972 TV movie called “Gargoyles”.

My family enjoyed the animated TV series of the same name that aired from 1994 to 1997. I didn’t enjoy it because I was never home when it aired.

The Gargoyle in Entertainment

If you’re fascinated with fictitious monsters, you can probably find enough related material to entertain you for hours. Here are several references I’ve dug up:

I’m surprised I’ve found so little compared to other monsters in entertainment. Zombies seem to be the favorite these days, but it used to be vampires and werewolves. Gargoyles are way down at the bottom of the fiction list, below mummies.

Photo Attribution: sollrox from Pixabay
Edited and updated. Originally published at one of my other websites in August 2019.

Author: RT Cunningham
Date: September 15, 2020 (UTC)
Categories: Entertainment
Tags: movies

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