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I Can’t Work With Fiverr Because I Can’t Provide Enough Information

RT Cunningham | June 28, 2021 (UTC) | Blogging

FiverrI tried to work with Fiverr a few years ago, but I gave up because I had too many things going on. Now that I have very little going on, I tried to work with them today. They added requirements that I can’t fulfill, but not because I don’t want to. It just isn’t possible. I can’t reach the profile completion percentage of 65.

Yes, I know there are alternatives to Fiverr. Even so, I may not have any better luck with any of them. That is, if I even try.

No College Degree

Fiverr asks for my education level, but doesn’t care about anything less than a college degree of some kind. I went into the military within months of graduating from high school. Due to a road accident, it wasn’t as soon as I would have liked.

Although I have college credits, because I attended college on my own while in the military, they don’t add up to a number that could earn me the lowest degree. I could have continued with education after retiring from the military, but I didn’t. It was the furthest thing from my mind, for various reasons I won’t get into.

Fiverr Doesn’t Like My Phone Number

I have a Skype-owned phone number, which costs me a small amount each month. I have another subscription, so I can call anywhere in the United States from anywhere in the world. Both of the subscriptions combined costs me under USD $10 per month.

Fiverr won’t send an SMS to that number, although that number already receives text messages. Fiverr won’t call that number. The form provides an error notice saying something is wrong with that number.

Since I live in the Philippines most of the time, and only spending more time than necessary in the United States because of the pandemic, I don’t need service designed to be used in the United States. I’m not going to get a plan just to make a form item work.

Fiverr Makes It Too Hard - For Me

I couldn’t even get my social profile links to connect, and I tried with both Facebook and Twitter. With all the hoops I have to jump through to get my profile completed, I think I’ll forgo Fiverr completely. Yes, I could probably contact someone and get things done, but it’s too much work for what I’ll probably get out of it. Eventually.

All I really want to do is write blog posts and articles for other people in exchange for a small fee. I’m sure I can do a good job, and I’m not greedy. I still have obligations at home, so I need to be able to follow my own schedule. If I can’t find a service that fits the bill, I guess I’ll have to continue being as bored as I am on most days.

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