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This Filipino Spider Was No Itsy Bitsy Spider

RT Cunningham | July 23, 2020 (UTC) | Pests

brown huntsman spiderBefore I went to sleep one night, I spotted this huge huntsman spider scurrying across a wall in my master bedroom, heading for the bathroom. This creature was bigger than my right hand, at least six inches across.

I’m not afraid of spiders and I’ve seen a lot of spiders in the Philippines, of all sizes and colors. I just don’t like having large spiders sharing my bedroom with me.

A Large and Extremely Fast Spider

Did I say “spotted it”? I couldn’t help but notice it. Did I say large? It was gigantic! Did I say “scurrying”? Racing would be a better description. It took the spider less than two seconds to go from the wall on the other side of the room to the bathroom.

I went into the bathroom, made sure the bathroom window was open and attempted to chase it out to the great outdoors of the Philippines. The spider was having none of that. Since all of my attempts at scaring it away were fruitless, I did the next best thing. I killed it.

I had a big roll of duct tape sitting on the bathroom vanity and I hurled it at the spider, not really thinking that I would hit it. I hit it on the first try. It was now a smashed, dead spider.

Too Many Horror Movies

During my short ordeal, I only thought about one thing. I didn’t want that spider crawling on me while I was sleeping. You probably think I could just close the bathroom door and trap it inside. Nope. My bathroom door has a slatted window at the bottom for ventilation.

Of course, my younger son made fun of me after he heard the ruckus. He asked me if I was afraid the “alien” would squat on my face and shoot an egg down my throat or something. If looks could kill…

I can deal with almost anything coming into my house and making itself at home. Geckos don’t bother me at all. Cockroaches, the very few that ever come in, disgust me to no end and must be exterminated. The small spiders don’t bother me. It’s the large ones I want to escort out of the house.

The Spider Funeral

When you kill a bug (whether it’s an insect or a spider), ten or more of his friends show up for the funeral. When I woke up the next morning and attempted to remove the spider carcass, a million tiny ants were swarming all over its body and not much remained. A quick shot of “Baygon” (the Filipino version of “Raid”) took care of them, and I was able to discard the remnants of everything there.

I felt bad about killing the spider, but I reacted without thinking. The momentary vision of a spider crawling on my face while I was sleeping was enough to set me off. It’s too bad. That spider was big enough to take out the biggest cockroaches I’ve ever seen.

Since then, I’ve been careful to take my time in escorting large spiders out of my bedroom. I don’t care if they’re anywhere else in my house as long as it isn’t where I sleep.

Photo Attribution: sandid from Pixabay
Edited and updated. Originally published at one of my other websites in 2009.

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