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Fashion and Accessories - Niche Market #16

RT Cunningham | January 16, 2021 (UTC) | Blogging

fashionFashion and accessories includes everything you wear and everything you keep with you at times. It even includes hairstyles. In fact, anything that establishes identity can be included. Some fashion is permanent, like tattoos, but most of it is temporary.

The Fashion and Accessories Niche Market

This major category includes the following subcategories. There are items in this list that I can’t even pronounce and have never heard of before, anywhere.

The Fashion Conscious

Women tend to be more fashion conscious than men. Where do you think the phrase, “you’re ugly, and your momma dresses you funny”, came from?

I’ve been married to the same woman, Josie, for nearly 36 years, and I’ve had to live with her for most of those years. I can tell you with great authority that women will spend a small fortune on the latest fashion items. They buy handbags, shoes, watches and more in amounts surpassing a hundred dollars at a time.

Men like me, we’ll settle for generic wallets at Walmart if we can find them. Brand name and designer items tend to be way overpriced, like those by Michael Kors and Coach. I always choose function over design, and spend a lot less money doing it.

Photo Attribution: Ann-Marie from Pixabay

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