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Diet and Weight Loss - Niche Market #12

RT Cunningham | January 8, 2021 (UTC) | Blogging

diet and weight lossIt seems like, to me, that everyone in the world is trying to lose weight with one method or another. The word “diet” doesn’t mean weight loss. It refers to what you eat. Your daily diet, for example, could be described simply as the food you eat every day. No fat loss connotations are necessary.

The Diet and Weight Loss Niche Market

This major category includes the following subcategories. If you’re looking to cash in on any of them, please be aware that many of them include snake oil tactics.

More Diet Programs Than You Can Shake a Stick At

If you peruse the list above, you’ll notice diet programs based on celebrity preferences. There’s also the snake oil thing. You can’t stay healthy and lose weight at the same time with a lot of them.

I’ll tell you what keeps me from gaining weight. First, it’s walking a mile or more every day when the weather permits, especially when the gyms are closed due to COVID-19 restrictions. Second, I consume less sugar than ever before. Third, I fast intermittently. I confine my eating hours to eight hours a day and I only consume two meals a day, normally.

When I want to lose weight, I go into keto diet mode. Meat, fruit and vegetables dominate my daily diet for days at a time. It won’t be long before I return to the weight level I was at in 2006. My ultimate goal is to return to the weight level I was at in 1998, when I retired from the military.

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