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My Wife, Josie, and I Got Our First COVID-19 Vaccine Doses Today

COVID-19 vaccineMy wife, Josie, and I got our first COVID-19 vaccine doses today. When our age group was finally allowed to get the vaccine in Hawaii, we didn’t have enough time to get the second doses before leaving the state. Our tickets were already paid for. We got our first doses at Fort Meade, Maryland, not more than three miles from where we’re staying.

The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine

The Wikipedia page gives all the details about the vaccine. This particular version of the vaccine is a collaboration between Pfizer in the United States and BioNTech in Germany. I trust American and German pharmaceuticals. I do not trust those that are made in China, where the virus itself originated.

So far, Josie and I, and our son, Joe, have had our first doses of the vaccine here in Maryland. Jon, my younger son stationed in Hawaii, has also had his first dose, though I don’t know which vaccine it was. I’m willing to bet it was the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, but I could be wrong.

My daughter-in-law, Cathy, who’s with us instead of Jon (it’s a long story) can’t get the vaccine because she’s still nursing her son. None of our grandchildren are old enough to get it and my other daughter-in-law, Diann, doesn’t want to get it. She suffers from a condition that could be affected by it.

I Didn’t Want the Vaccine Either

I didn’t want any of the COVID-19 vaccines, but I wasn’t thinking of myself. The health of those around me is more important to me than my own. I don’t want anyone catching the virus because of me. Even though I’ll be pretty much protected from the virus from here on out, I’ll still wear my face mask in public and maintain social distancing.

One of Josie’s cousins recently passed away from the virus in the Philippines. He was already suffering from an amputation due to diabetes, and he didn’t last long after he caught the virus. He most likely contracted the virus at the hospital during one of his follow-up appointments.

I’m not suffering from anything at the moment and I haven’t even had the common cold in more than three years (that I can remember). Because I’m in reasonably good health at the age of 60, I’m not even afraid of the virus. I won’t tempt fate, however, so I’ll always do what needs to be done.

Photo Attribution: x3 from Pixabay

Author: RT Cunningham
Date: May 7, 2021 (UTC)
Categories: Health

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