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Coffee Candy in the Philippines

coffee candyThe difference between coffee candy in the United States and the Philippines is that it’s a lot less expensive in the Philippines. I won’t quote any prices but I believe I can still get a bag of around 50 pieces for less than a dollar (less than 50 pesos at the current exchange rate).

Jack ‘n Jill’s X.O. and Kopiko are the only two coffee candy products I like. Kopiko sells instant coffee as well. I have never bought any in the United States, so I can’t offer an opinion about any other brand.

Kopiko Coffee Candy

The bag said “coffee extract” the first time I bought it at the store. That was several years ago. Now, they have more flavors and the bags definitely say “coffee candy” on them.

According to the packaging (and I can’t read all the languages), this candy comes from Jakarta, Indonesia. They distribute it to the countries of Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam.

The ingredients may have changed since I first bought a bag. I don’t have a bag to look at right now, so I won’t mention the ingredients.

X.O. Coffee Candy

The X.O. Coffee Candy comes under the brand name of “Jack ‘n Jill” for the candy division of the Universal Robina Corporation. It’s one of the largest brand food product companies in the Philippines, and they have a ton of other products under the “Jack ‘n Jill” brand name, including candy that resembles cough drops.

While a piece of Kopiko coffee candy is a little dark brown square, a piece of X.O. Coffee Candy is oval-shaped and a little thicker. Kopiko comes in bags of 150 grams (the regular size anyway) and X.O. comes in bags of 175 grams, which means X.O. provides 25 more grams for about the same price.

Coffee Candy in General

Kopiko and X.O. coffee candies are found in a lot of the Asian markets in the United States. They’re imported along with other food items, like jasmine rice from Thailand, which my wife prefers over other kinds of rice. I accidentally discovered Kopiko coffee candy at the commissary at Schofield Barracks, Oahu, Hawaii. Although I was pleasantly surprised, I didn’t buy a single bag (my wife, Josie, wouldn’t let me).

Most candy isn’t healthy to eat, so I rarely eat coffee candy. The only time I carry any of it with me is when I’m traveling long distances by car because I really can’t occupy myself with anything else, especially when I’m the one driving. Josie won’t let me buy it for any other reason because she knows I’ll eat the whole bag at one time if I do.

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Edited and updated. Originally published at one of my other websites in April 2018.

Author: RT Cunningham
Date: July 16, 2020 (UTC)
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