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Cloud Services That Provide Free Storage Space

RT Cunningham | December 14, 2020 (UTC) | Computers

cloud servicesThere are quite a few cloud services that provide free storage space. Some provide more than others. Choosing the best services isn’t difficult if you stick with the names you’re familiar with, like Microsoft. Some of them provide sync clients and some of them don’t. I haven’t examined that feature on most of them.

Cloud Services Offering Free Storage Space

If your operating system is Windows 10, you should already know about Microsoft OneDrive. If it isn’t, you can still use the service. It’s just that it’s obvious when using Windows. Here’s a list of the cloud services I already knew about and those I discovered while investigating my options. There are probably more that I’ve missed.

With many of these cloud services, there are plans available to get much more storage at premium prices. There may be other cloud services that provide free storage, but I haven’t looked for any recently.

You can get much more free storage space than you can imagine. Many of the providers only tie their services to your e-mail addresses, if you have more than one. I have at least 60 gigabytes available for four e-mail addresses with Google Drive. I’ll never use them.

Local Storage Alternatives

USB devices are getting less and less expensive all the time. I have solid-state drives I use as internal drives by way of my unused CD/DVD trays, multiple USB flash drives and SD cards for my built-in card readers. I haven’t spent much at all, far less than I would spend on comparable sizes with cloud services.

If you need cloud storage space for your business, I’m the wrong person to listen to. Your needs exceed anything I might suggest. Nevertheless, you can probably get more bang for your buck from a decent web hosting provider, like DigitalOcean.

Another good idea is the dual USB flash drive, with USB-A and USB-C connectors on opposite ends. You can use it to connect to computers and the newer cell phones at the same time. It’s just a thought.

Photo Attribution: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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