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Business and Career - Niche Market #7

RT Cunningham | December 29, 2020 (UTC) | Blogging

business and careerThe business and career niche category covers many aspects concerning working people. There are plenty of people who don’t or won’t work, probably two thirds of the population at any given time, and for various reasons. Some are too old, some are too young, some stay at home to take care of family and some rely on government assistance.

The Business and Career Niche Market

This major category includes the following subcategories. Many of them deal with students and people attempting to find a job.

Business and Career Options

Students in the process of learning shouldn’t be concerned with operating a business or managing a career, except in the areas that deal with them in the above subcategories. Working to offset expenses associated with higher learning shouldn’t amount to a career.

I’ve never started a business or participated in the operation of a business, other than as an employee. And that was after spending an entire 20-year career in the military. Now I’m too old to be thinking about either a business or a career in anything. I’ve had one mini-career and that was working for about four and a half years as a cargo and accident claims processor for a national trucking company. I quit that job to move to the Philippines in 2006.

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