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Broiler Chicken - Ready to Eat in 45 Days

RT Cunningham | July 29, 2020 (UTC) | Food and Drink

broiler chickenThe broiler chicken raised in the Philippines is called “45 days” chicken. I don’t know why these chickens aren’t called by some other name. I don’t even know where “45 days” comes from. Perhaps it’s because they’re not a specific breed.

They’re hybrids, a mixture of Cornish game hens (even when they’re roosters) and something else. Like White Leghorns, but obviously not the same. They mature at different speeds, so 45 days is only correct for some of them.

Chicken that’s Ready to Eat in 45 Days

When my wife, Josie, wants something, it’s almost impossible to change her mind. Somewhere between 45 days and 55 days before her return to the Philippines (in August 2015), she had one of her sisters buy 60 chicks. I paid for the chicks, the chicken feed and the vitamins they add to the water.

Although I don’t remember the exact amount, I know I spent over 13,000 pesos (over $280 USD) before what remained of the 60 were slaughtered. I think we only lost one and that was because it stuck its head out of the cage and a cat took a swipe at it. The cats in our compound are not pets. They’re scavengers.

The part that bothers me about all this is that Josie intended to share the chicken with everyone in the compound without admitting to it to me. 13,000 would have bought a lot of chicken for just the two of us (even at a restaurant) and that’s why I didn’t want any raised at all. I lost the argument before it even started – I gave up without a fight.

Too Much Chicken

We had chicken something almost every day after Josie returned. We had fried chicken, barbecued chicken, chicken adobo, arroz caldo, chicken tinola and other chicken dishes I can’t even name. I don’t remember if we had hot wings or not.

Although I saw a lot of chicken being eaten, I didn’t eat much of it myself. I wasn’t a big fan of chicken back then. I would rather have had a dish involving something else, especially after seeing chicken for days in a row.

The Food I’ll Eat

I’m very picky when it comes to the food I’ll eat. I don’t like everything that ends up on my plate. Crustaceans like lobster and crab never grace my plate. I like shrimp (or prawn) but only a little of it at a time. I like specific cuts of pork, but only from certain sources. Ham, bacon and pork chops are about all I can handle.

I like steak and I like lean ground beef and that’s about all I can handle in the beef department. I don’t like much fish, but I can eat tuna on occasion.

Although I eat less meat than I ever have, a vegan is something I’ll never become because I like eggs, milk and cheese way too much to give them up.

Edited and updated. Originally published at one of my other websites in September 2015.

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