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Books and Fiction - Niche Market #6

RT Cunningham | December 23, 2020 (UTC) | Blogging

booksAccording to Wikipedia, a book is a medium for recording information in the form of writing or images, typically composed of many pages (made of papyrus, parchment, vellum, or paper) bound together and protected by a cover. Books have been around for thousands of years, in one form or another. They cover all types of genres, much of which is fiction.

Books and Fiction

This major category includes the following subcategories. Although I’m an article write and a blog author, I’m not qualified to write books, unless you count nonfiction technical manuals.

Writing Books

As I already said, I’m an article writer and a blog author. I’ve probably written somewhere in the neighborhood of 10000 blog posts over the last 15 years, in various places. I wrote several military manuals while I was in the Marine Corps, in the 1990s. Writing books, especially fiction, requires mental stamina I no longer possess.

Although e-books and e-book readers (or “e-readers”) have become quite popular, a lot of people still prefer holding the books in their hands and turning the pages. In that sense, paperback books are more popular than hardback books, even if they don’t last as long. I bought a Kindle once, but I only used it for about a year. It’s buried in a closet somewhere, and I’ll probably never see it again.

Before personal computers started occupying most of my time, I probably read hundreds of books. I remember book series by Philip Jose Farmer, Roger Zelazny and Kelley Armstrong and I remember single titles like “American Gods”, “Earth Abides” and “The Hobbit”. Trying to remember more titles than that makes my head hurt. I’m afraid I’ll probably never read another book in its entirety.

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