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Bags for Men Are Not Like Handbags for Women

RT Cunningham | January 7, 2021 (UTC) | Shopping

bags for menMen carry bags, but they’re not like handbags for women. Unless they’re full-sized messenger bags, they’re not likely to be as large as handbags for women. They don’t have handles, but they have straps.

The Types of Bags for Men

Messenger bags can also be called carryalls. A smaller version can also be called a sling bag. If you look up messenger bags at, you’ll find a bunch of different names for the bags men carry. Here’s a short list:

The bag I carry on occasion, especially when I’m in the Philippines, is like a small messenger shoulder bag. It’s not too big to be a nuisance that I have to lug around. I took a picture of it, and I’ve been using it since I bought it in one of the malls in Olongapo.

The Items I Carry

I have no idea what anyone else would carry in any kind of bag for a man. I carry things that I may need to pull out at any given time. My United States passport, my bank passbook for my bank account in the Philippines and various other items along those sizes take up one compartment.

A flattened roll of toilet paper takes up another compartment. Most of the bathrooms in public places in the Philippines are either lacking in toilet paper or you have to buy your own from a nearby store. I dislike the tough, thin toilet paper in the public bathrooms here in Hawaii. Charmin feels way better on my tush, and it does the job better.

I carry fingernail and toenail clippers in another compartment. If I’m going to be sitting for a long time, like when I’m traveling for more than an hour in a car, I’ll slide my wallet into another compartment.

Not Just for Men

I always wonder why women insist on having designer handbags (with both handles and straps) that they’re not going to carry very often. Both my wife, Josie, and my daughter-in-law, Cathy, carry bags that are as small as mine way more often. Other than looking feminine, they could function as bags like my own.

Most men, those that identify as heterosexual men, used to refrain from carrying bags of any kind unless it was absolutely necessary. More men carry them these days, but they still try to avoid looking feminine.

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