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Bacon and Its Effect on Me - Ahh, the Power of Bacon!

baconI remember the American Dairy Association’s slogan of “Ahh, the power of cheese” from several years back. Their advertisements had no effect on me. The ads were funny, but that’s about it. No, when it comes to something having absolute power over me, it’s bacon. Extra-lean bacon is the best.

Until sometime in 2008, I had never seen it sold extra-lean. Okay, I know it’s loaded with fat regardless of how lean it is. It supposedly isn’t considered a part of healthy diet, but I can’t help myself. The smell overwhelms me. In light of fairly recent studies that suggest saturated fat has little to do with heart disease, I’ll take my chances.

Bacon from the San Miguel Pure Foods Company

The San Miguel Pure Foods Company in the Philippines makes a huge line of food products. They sell some products to consumers and some to food service customers, like restaurants. Consumers aren’t supposed to get the products intended for the food service customers, unless they’re consuming them in food service places.

The bacon I used to get years ago was for restaurants. I can find it at the Royal Subic store these days, so I don’t need to get it like I did back then (from an employee). I don’t know what kind of pork cut it is, but it’s extremely lean. When I’m in the United States, I can’t seem to find any brand that is as lean.

Imitation Bacon and Substitutes

When my children were still young, I swore off real bacon because it had so much fat in it, it was ridiculous. A slice, when cooked, would shrink to near nothingness. I won’t mention any brand names, but we switched to bacon substitutes such as turkey bacon for a long time. It wasn’t real and it didn’t taste real. I’m glad we switched back to the real thing when we could finally find it extra-lean.

Sometime within the last 30 years or so, someone invented imitation bacon bits. There wasn’t any kind of meat products at all in them, and they were probably less healthy than the real thing. After trying them on salads a few times, I decided to stay away from them. I got my hands on real bits later on.

Bacon and Weight Loss

Weight loss and bacon aren’t strangers to each other. I’ve discovered something over the years that may come as a surprise to you. Fighting your urges to eat something can have the opposite effect on weight loss. Instead of eating your favorite foods in small quantities, you end up eating more of the foods you find less satisfying. You can actually gain weight by cutting out your favorite foods.

I honestly don’t eat enough bacon for it to have any real effect on me. I used to eat it every day, but I’m lucky if I eat it once or twice a week now.

In the News

I read some interesting information on the effect the fat contained in bacon has on the body. It was way more positive than negative. A news item I read that questions the effects of saturated fats on heart disease just makes me want it that much more.

Photo Attribution: Jörg Husemann from Pixabay
Edited and updated. Originally published at one of my other websites in April 2014.

Author: RT Cunningham
Date: July 30, 2020 (UTC)
Categories: Food and Drink

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