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Angling Is the Only Method of Fishing I’m Actually Familiar With

RT Cunningham | March 12, 2021 (UTC) | Food and Drink, Recreation

angling - fishingAlthough I’m familiar with the angling method of fishing, I am in no way a fisherman. I haven’t held a rod and reel in my hands since I was 16, when I went sea fishing with my father. By sea fishing, I mean at the end of a pier on the island of Kauai from 1974 to 1977. I also fished with my younger brother a few times at a nearby beach during that time.


According to Wikipedia, fishing is the activity of trying to catch fish. Angling is a method of fishing by means of an “angle”, a fishhook. The fishhook is usually attached to a fishing line, which is strung on a fishing rod, coming from a fishing reel. This is the only fishing method I was ever taught. Since then, I have observed various other methods of fishing. I even once helped a group of Filipinos pull in a net at a beach in the Philippines.

The angling method is what my father always used when we lived in Hawaii. His preferred bait, while we were living on Kauai, was strips of squid. It didn’t work very well. Other than a perch I once saw him catch, he accidentally caught lobsters every couple of months. Catching lobster that way was legal. Any other way, without the proper licenses, was illegal. Well, it was back then anyway.

My father rarely caught fish. As I mentioned when I wrote about the fishing niche, he didn’t care for catching or eating fish. He just enjoyed the act of fishing. He didn’t have any other hobbies at the time. When he got too old to do that, he didn’t do much of anything. Amazingly, he lasted to the age of 85. I only hope I can last as long.

Fishing Methods and Equipment

There are many fishing methods. One of the methods my father and some of his brothers used when I was younger, and can barely remember, was fly fishing. Fly fishing is when you use a lure, an artificial fly, instead of live bait. There are more things involved, but I can’t think of everything.

The toolbox for a fisherman is called a tackle box. The tackle box can include fishhooks, fishing line, lures and sinkers. There are probably things I’ve never seen that some fishermen carry. I don’t think anyone carries live bait in their tackle boxes. That’s something that should be carried separately. Earthworms are familiarly used as live bait, but I had a brother-in-law who used chicken guts back when I was younger than 13.

I’m currently researching where I could possibly go fishing, legally, in the Philippines. Specifically, as near to Olongapo as I can be. I don’t like to travel far, if I can possibly help it. It doesn’t matter if it’s sea fishing, river fishing, or somewhere else. I’m also researching the equipment I can buy when I return to the Philippines and where I can buy it from.

I like to eat fish, but fish is expensive, regardless of the source. That is, unless I can catch it myself. I asked my wife, Josie, if she would spend hours with me if I found a place to fish (in the Philippines) and with all the proper equipment. She said yes, but I’m not sure if her heart would be in it. She likes to eat fish way more than I do, but she doesn’t care how much it costs.

To be clear, I don’t want to go fishing for the sport of it. I simply want to eat fish.

Photo Attribution: Dean Moriarty from Pixabay

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