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Alcohol (Beverages) - Niche Market #2

RT Cunningham | December 13, 2020 (UTC) | Blogging

alcoholAlcohol, the kind you drink, has been around in one form or another for thousands of years. Other kinds of alcohol, for rubbing and for fuel, cannot be consumed without causing physical harm.

The Alcohol Niche Market

This major category includes the following subcategories. Although these subcategories can be profitable for some people, I don’t have any experience with these specifically. Many advertisers have restrictions against alcohol-related niches.

Alcoholic Beverages

I’ve consumed my fair share of beer, wine and liquor over the years. That’s about the extent of my participation in this niche market. I notice whiskey is missing from the list above and that’s a shame. Pure whiskey (not mixed with anything) serves more purposes than drinking.

Both my wife, Josie, and I have used whiskey as a painkiller. It’s the only thing that works when our gums or teeth are bothering us. Other forms of liquor don’t work nearly as well, regardless of alcohol percentage.

In history, whiskey was used as an antiseptic for injuries when no other kind of antiseptic was available. Today, it serves two purposes for me - as a beverage and a painkiller at the same time. I get sore spots on my gums in the areas where I no longer have any teeth, but not few enough in those areas to justify partial dentures.

My younger son, Jon, has this fascination with mead, which he’s never tasted. It’s probably because of the medieval video games he plays. He has this dream of opening a meadery, but without the financial means of doing so.

Alcohol Preferences

In the past, my preferred alcoholic beverage was rum and coke. In 2019, whiskey on ice became my alcoholic beverage of choice. I can’t drink it straight, even it’s lower than 80 proof.

Many Americans drink beer, especially when watching sporting events like football and baseball. It doesn’t matter if they’re physically at the event or watching it on television. I can’t say Americans, more than any other country citizens, drink the most beer by percentage. I’ve never bothered to study up on the matter.

Josie prefers sweet red wine and will rarely drink tequila, either shots with salt or margaritas. I don’t like the taste of tequila and I can only drink it mixed with something else. It’s been many years since I’ve consumed tequila intentionally. I can’t stand any other form of liquor unless it’s mixed with something, so I avoid everything but whiskey.

Photo Attribution: Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

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