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Gray MatterGray matter refers to certain parts of the human anatomy. It’s present in the brain, brain stem and cerebellum, and throughout the spinal cord.

A walnut when cracked open, looks a lot like the top view of a human brain. It contains omega-3 fatty acids, which help support brain functions.

Below are the latest 10 posts featuring ideas that have leaked from my own gray matter at one time or another.

Walnut Image Attribution: Ulrike Leone from Pixabay

Consume Less Sugar, and Other Sweeteners, and Enjoy Better Health

RT Cunningham | November 28, 2020 (UTC) | Health

What is sugar? Sucrose is a simple carbohydrate, easily absorbed and easily converted into energy. The problem is that we tend to consume too much sugar, in any form. The excess gets converted into fat.

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Fat Loss, Not Necessarily Weight Loss, Should Be Your Goal

RT Cunningham | November 26, 2020 (UTC) | Health

People tend to ignore fat loss in weight loss discussions. You can't have one without the other if you're not building muscle at the same time. A lean person can weigh more than a fat person because muscle is heavier than fat. This is something I learned the hard way when I was in the military.

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Bluetooth Earbuds, Headsets, Speakers and Other Peripherals

RT Cunningham | November 25, 2020 (UTC) | Computers, Phones

Bluetooth technology has come a long way since the first consumer Bluetooth device was launched in 1999. You can read about it on the Wikipedia page dedicated to it. Since then, Bluetooth devices have become quite ubiquitous in modern society. In fact, you may not be aware of which devices use Bluetooth technology and which ones don't.

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Mainstream and Social Media Is Way Too Toxic for Me

RT Cunningham | November 23, 2020 (UTC) | Culture

Although I have social media accounts with the likes of Facebook and Twitter, I avoid them as much as possible. Like the fake news being spouted as true by mainstream media, they're way too toxic for me.

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Creating a Website From Scratch on a DigitalOcean Droplet

RT Cunningham | November 20, 2020 (UTC) | Blogging, Computers, Web Development

You can choose to believe this or not: I've written this as an outline of the things I would need to do to create a website from scratch should I ever have to do it all over again. My memory isn't reliable enough.

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Foreign Currency Exchange Rates in the Philippines

RT Cunningham | November 13, 2020 (UTC) | Finance

When it comes to foreign currency exchange rates in the Philippines, the main thing I'm concerned about is how many Philippine pesos I can get for a single dollar. The other thing I'm concerned about is which place will give me the best exchange rate.

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PrimeOS is Android for Desktop and Laptop Computers

RT Cunningham | November 12, 2020 (UTC) | Computers

When I wrote about the BlueStacks emulator in 2018 (and rewrote in 2020), I wasn't aware of anything else that would run Android on a desktop or laptop computer. I recently came across PrimeOS while I was looking over VirtualBox images at

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Can You Remember Every Place You’ve Ever Been in the World?

RT Cunningham | November 9, 2020 (UTC) | Travel

Can you remember every place you've ever been in the world? Not only the places where you've spent time doing something for more than a few hours? Can you remember the airports you've flown through, the expressways you've driven on or the states (in the United States) and countries you've passed through one way or another?

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The Raspberry Pi 400 Is a New, Affordable Desktop Computer

RT Cunningham | November 7, 2020 (UTC) | Computers

The Raspberry Pi 400 reminds me of the original Commodore 64 computer from the early eighties. I know I'm not the only one in my age group to see the similarities. As of now, these computers are only available as pre-orders. They didn't even exist when I wrote about micro computers, even when I updated that post in 2020.

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Raising Chickens in the Philippines

RT Cunningham | November 2, 2020 (UTC) | Food and Drink

I don't know much about city ordinances in the Philippines. They're obviously different in every city. I'm sure some places have restrictions on where chickens can be raised. Most Filipinos would simply ignore those restrictions or find a way around them. Having food on the table is far more important than following rules.

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